Shit Cassandra Saw Radio and Podcasts

All Things Considered, NPR interview with Mary Louise Kelly

Nerdette Book Club, WBEZ, Interview with Greta Johnsen

Fully Booked, Kirkus Reviews, Interview with Megan Labrise

Sewanee Review Podcast, Interview with Hayden Dunbar

Shit Cassandra Saw Print Interviews

Electric Lit, “Cassandra Has Seen Some Shit and She Is Mad,” a conversation with Samantha Cheh

The Rumpus, “Delicious Anger: A Conversation with Gwen E. Kirby,” with Elizabeth Gonzales James

One Story, “Transhistorical Absurdism,” with Monique Laban

Story Interviews and Spotlights

Contributor interview with One Story
Guest editor interview with SmokeLong Quarterly
Contributor interview with New Delta Review
“Smoke and Mirrors,” an interview with SmokeLong Quarterly
Alumni profile, The Second Laird Miscellany, Carleton College English Blog
“Shit Cassandra Saw . . . ” featured in This Week in Short Fiction at The Rumpus
Contributor spotlight at Midwestern Gothic